Parish giving scheme

We have signed up to be part of the parish giving scheme This allows you to set up a Direct Debit based payment that goes straight to church and if you are a tax payer church will also receive the Gift Aid too.  This will help both you and the church since the payment is taken automatically and church have less administration to perform on the donation.  Additionally you can choose to automatically increase your payments each year inline with inflation, so your donation will stay the same in real terms and not appear to decrease as costs increase.

Unfortunately you cannot sign up online, but you can do it over the phone on 0333 002 1271, which is a simple process because I have just done it!  If you are signing up over the phone you will need to quote our church's reference number which is 210621082, the church is listed on the system as Lincoln St John the Baptist.  You will also need your bank account number and sort code, with your name and contact details.

There is an application form you can download, print, complete and post.  If you do not have access to a printer, please ask someone at church for a form and we will be able to give you one.


I would strongly encourage you to switch to the Parish Giving Scheme for all the reasons that Phil mentions in the bulletin.  As well as being an opportunity to think about how we give and how much we give to the church, it is also an opportunity to think about why we give.  The Bible refers to tithes, 10% of the first fruits offered to God.  The Church of England is more generous and suggests a regular gift of 5% of your income (if you can afford it - not everyone can).  

This isn't like paying a subscription or membership fee, we don't pay for services rendered.  We give to the Church in order that the Church can give.  We give in response to God's gift to us.  We give a portion of our income to the church so that the church can function in communities like ours, supporting families who are struggling, befriending isolated older people, helping our schools, supporting the bereaved, advocating for people without a voice, creating spaces for wildlife and supporting the natural environment, and so much more making sure that there is a sacred space in every community where people can encounter God.

Rev'd Rachel