10 July 2018

Last Tuesday’s PCC meeting was Fr Stephen’s last PCC, and so he shared the chair with Phil Betts, the lay chair, who will lead the PCC in the interregnum.


We talked about the progress that has been made with planning for the interregnum and the transition group feel that an enormous amount of work has been done to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The next stage is to begin to prepare a parish profile to use to send out to priests who might be interested in applying for the post once it is advertised. However, we can’t do this until the Archdeacon has been to talk to the PCC, which will happen in October.


The Bishop of Grantham had sent round a document to parishes outlining where parishes should be in terms of ensuring full compliancy with safeguarding legislation and procedures. The PCC were happy that we had done everything that had been required and that we would be ready for an audit of our safeguarding practice later in the year.


The churchwardens reported on the work carried out to replace the hall door and to tidy up the two old window coverings to the left of the door and on the west side of the hall. At a meeting with the Archdeacon, we had talked about the scheme we had put in place in 2011 for the secondary glazing of the church, a scheme which was turned down by the Diocesan Advisory Committee. The Archdeacon had felt that it would now be looked at favourably if we resubmitted the project and the PCC agreed to begin to look into this again, although we would have to find grant aid in order to afford the work.


We looked at our current finances and noted that, and particularly following the recent bequest, we were in a stronger position than earlier in the year. We felt that it might be possible to pay our share in full this year, but that we would need to keep monitoring this. At the meeting with the Archdeacon it had been suggested that diocesan financial experts could be made available to advise us on the best use of our resources, insurance arrangements, etc, and we felt this would be helpful. At the same meeting he had floated some other ideas about a central insurance arrangement for all churches in the diocese and the possibility of architect’s quinquennial reports being done free of charge to parishes. We wanted to support these suggestions, but await further developments.


As this was Philippa’s last PCC meeting, the PCC paid tribute to her ministry over the past four years and thanked her for everything she has done and brought to our church and to our community.


If you would like to find out more about the PCC meeting, please ask any PCC member who was present at the meeting: Joy Jillings, Tim Wright, Liz Straw, Tabitha Holt, Jackie Howell, Philippa White, Sue Fleshbourne, Philip Howell, Phil Betts, Fr Stephen.