16th January 2018

The PCC met on Tuesday evening with a full agenda. The first major item was the Bishop of Grantham’s report on the parish and our church life, which we received following the Bishop’s Visitation in summer 2017. The PCC discussed the report in advance of the Bishop’s upcoming visit to church on Tuesday 20th February, when anyone interested is invited to come and discuss the report with him. Overall the PCC was pleased with a very generous and positive report, which seemed to show a good understanding of who we are as a parish, our values and our ethos. There are some parts of it which might be helpful in writing the parish profile too!

Every PCC we have a space on the agenda for Liz Straw to update the PCC about safeguarding issues. There was little to report except that the charts for display in church (discussed last time) have been updated to use the same technical language as other national documents. Liz will put those charts and other safeguarding materials on display at the back of church.

The PCC moved on to hear from David Fleshbourne (the treasurer) about money matters. We have paid the final portion of our 2017 parish share, paying in total £9,500 to the diocese. This means we were £2,500 short of the £12,000 the diocese had asked for – but given the work that needed to be done on the church’s electricity and heating over the last year, this is a good total and leaves us £2,000 in the church account as the year begins. Anita, who has audited the church accounts for us over the past few years, is no longer able to do that and so the PCC needed to appoint a new “independent examiner” to audit the church accounts in advance of the Annual General Meeting. We managed to do this (with thanks to Liz Straw). Finally, the PCC looked at the new fee tables for weddings and funerals which have been published by the national church. These put up the prices slightly in line with inflation and other factors. The PCC agreed not to put up any of the prices set by the PCC (for vergers, organist, flowers etc.)

It’s now no longer possible to hold the APCM on the 18th March (as this has now been announced as the date of the annual run.) Instead it will be on the 15th April. David Rudeforth will step down as Churchwarden at the APCM so we will need to elect a Churchwarden to replace him; and there will be 3 spaces on the PCC.

Phil Betts notified the PCC that the hall door was in bad repair and that the door and frame would need replacing, costing probably over £1,000. The PCC agreed that Phil should get some quotes to establish the actual cost and plan to get the work done in the summer.

Fr Stephen updated the PCC on the meeting of the Transition Group. He has prepared a large file full of the details of what he does and what will need doing to maintain the running of the church. This document will have details of the people from church who are responsible for each task, so that everyone will know the right people to contact for any particular questions.

The chalice licenses for most of the chalice assistants need to be renewed and the PCC approved this.

There were various pieces of work from the action plan to report. Philippa and Jackie have prepared a new version of the baptism service which uses some of the new texts in “accessible language” which were published last year. The PCC approved a trial run of this service in the next few baptisms. Danny Holt has revised the design of the welcome leaflet. The PCC was very happy with this and thanked Danny for all his hard work. Danny will now investigate printing costs for these. The archive group has been working very hard and Fr Stephen showed the PCC the rearranged archive materials in the cupboard. It looks wonderful and should be much easier to use – everyone is invited to go and have a look!

The PCC also decided to begin the process of choosing a new charity to support in the coming year from the APCM, and Fr Ruben volunteered to make some new lavabo towels and purificators. We look forward to seeing the results of his work!

If you would like any more information on what was discussed at the PCC, please ask any of the PCC members who were present: Sue Young, Jackie Howell, Liz Straw, Sue Fleshbourne, Tim Wright, Phil Betts, Fr Ruben, David Rudeforth, Philippa White, David Fleshbourne, Tabitha and Danny Holt, and Fr Stephen.

Meeting Documents
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