The Parochial Church Council is elected by members of the congregation who are already on the electoral roll of the church. It is the decision making body of the church, and all major issues, policies and decisions are made by the PCC (although obviously taking into account the views of the wider congregation). PCC members serve for three years. At St John's the membership consists of the vicar, churchwarden, parish clergy, readers, treasurer and nine elected members. We meet 6 times a year. Reports from each meeting appear in our weekly bulletin immediately following the meeting and items for the agenda are invited, although the agenda is put together by the standing committee.

The PCC Members are;

Fr. Stephen Hoy*
David Fleshbourne*
David Rudeforth*
Philippa White*
Pam Beattie*
Gill Clayton-Hewson
Sue Fleshbourne
Tabitha Holt
Daniel Holt
Jackie Howell
Andrea Milton
Gary Root
Liz Straw
Tim Wright
Sue Young (secretary)

* members of the standing committee.

Next meeting

Our next meeting is on 20th Nov 2017

The materials required for this meeting will appear here when they are available

Notes from the last meeting held on the 15th Nov 2016