50p for the 50th Anniversary.

50 pence Your 50p challenge for the 50th anniversary is to add as many 50ps to your jar as you can in whatever way you wish. You could:

Save 50p a week to go in the jar

Put 50p in the jar every time you are tempted to say, or have said, something you ought not to have done

Spend your 50p to make more you could get together with some other 50p holders and use the money to make some cakes to sell.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do you have until October 6th to make your 50p grow!

Please Donate Through this Site

This website was created and is maintained entirely by me, I am a member of St John the Baptist, Ermine. Since setting up the site around 6 years ago I have self-funded it, this is part of my gift to the church. Other people bake cakes, run the lunch club, visit the sick elderly and housebound, create music and other crafts and run the church hall; etc. etc. All of these activities and many others make the church more than just a building. However the building is important and it is a significant architectural structure from the 1960s (hence grade 2 star listing) and we still use it for its intended purpose. Unfortunately significant architectural structures from the 1960s are not cheap and easy to run and maintain. It costs 90 every day to keep our church going. But in this, our 50th year, we want to do more. We want to look forward and look carefully at the things we give and do.

If you have enjoyed looking at this website and have found it useful, or if you want to be part of a larger community trying to help the people of the Ermine Estate while serving God, or if you want to say you helped to keep a building of importance going then join our 50p for the 50th campaign. Giving is easy through Paypal and all we are asking is 50p, whether as a 1 off donation or you might like to give 50p each month.

50 pence piece

Be one of the 50 pences for the 50thAnniversary!